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1 Early SpringPre-emergent crabgrass control and granular fertilizer to promote spring growth.
2 Late SpringBroadleaf weed controls and a balanced granular fertilizer to ensure a thick, healthy lawn. Surface insect controls applied as needed.
3 SummerGranular fertilizer and also broadleaf weed controls and surface insect controls will be used if needed to treat turf pests.
4 Late Summer/FallBalanced Granular Fertilizer to keep lawn healthy, thick, and lush as temperatures cool. Broadleaf weed control as weather permits.
5 WinterizerThis specially formulated fertilizer will enhance turf hardiness and performance the following spring.

    Season-long grub control is available. We use Highest Quality insect control for an effective preventative approach to controlling the white grub. A timely treatment is applied to prevent damage from occurring. Applied in June/July to prevent turf damage later in the summer/fall.

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    Our technicians will provide prompt, personal attention and apply the highest quality products to assure you of a healthier, weed free lawn. This, along with our years of experience in the Toledo area, are just a few of the reasons why people look to Black Diamond Lawn Service.

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    Once a program is started we will automatically apply products to your lawn at the proper time of year. You will be billed at the time of each application. Lawn Programs may be started at any time during the year.

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